Do you feel anxious and panicky?

 Are you overwhelmed by life's demands?

 Do you want to make a change but don't know where to start?

 Are you struggling to let go of stress?

 Do you want to find more joy and meaning in your life?

Are you wanting to improve your communication and boundaries


Individual counseling
(Short term)

  • This shorter-term work typically involves between six - twelve sessions. This work can be quite solution focused. It is suited to you if you need support around one particular difficulty 

Individual psychotherapy
(Long term therapy)

  • Individual psychotherapy – which involves a longer-term commitment helps to bring awareness to parts of yourself which may cause themes or behaviors that bring distress and tend to repeat in your life. Each of us develops patterns of thought and behavior in through life experiences, which may have helped us at that time but may not be serving us well anymore. The gift psychotherapy offers is that it can help you find your true self – to meet the world with authenticity, ease and passion!

Common issues:

Depression                                         Anxiety and Panic

                                                     Trauma                                                 Relationship difficulties      

                                                     Self esteem                                          Work-life balance/work issues 

                                                    Personal development                          Stress management

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